Pup Station Mini

Tired of searching for your dog’s accessories, such as leashes, paw wiping towel, collar or cookies before and after a trip outdoors?  Or just tired of all those items taking up space where you should be storing your things?  Adventures At Home has a solution for you! The Pup Station Mini – A convenient and small wall hanging shelf that holds everything from leashes and towels to your furry friends favorite cookies.  Build one with us in this tutorial DIY video.

Things needed:

One 5″ LG piece of 1×6

One 13″ LG piece of 1×4

Four self-tapping 3/4″ LG Screws

Two Coat Hangers like these: Double Prong Coat Hook

One Pint Sized Mason Jar: Pint Sized Mason Jars

(We found the colored mason jars at our local Menards for around the same price.  Don’t worry about buying more than one.  If you are a DIY’er there are tons of uses for mason jars)

One double keyhole hanger: Hillman Double Keyhole

(The keyhole hangers are way cheaper if sourced locally from a hardware store, but you can use the link to get an idea of what you are looking for)

If you want the burnt finish here is a link to a MAPP gas torch (Propane works well too): Mag-Torch Self Lighting



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