The new direction that Adventures At Home, LLC is taking.  Instead of just providing you with plans, cut lists and .PDF’s, we’re going to provide video tutorials with each project.  Having never filmed our projects before, we are starting from scratch.  While we have a well-rounded knowledge of photography techniques, we’re learning that most of these don’t transfer directly to videography.

For all of you who are aspiring videopreneurs, just like us, this category is for you!  We are going to document our journey every step of the way, making recommendations and sharing everything we’ve learned.  We encourage you to share anything you learn with our community as well!  We’re all in this together.  Let’s make it a success!

Video #1 – Getting Started

Video #2 – Best Beginner Camera

Video #3 – Improve Your Audio

Video #4 – Improve Your Lighting

Video #5; Format Your Video for More Views

You can check out the entire playlist below too!