Glimmering Candle Holder

In this video we show you how to make a Glimmering 3-Candle Holder using only a few scrap ends of 2 x 4’s.  (You could also use a chunk of 4×4, but I tend to have less scrap pieces of those laying around).  This is a wonderful project you can complete in a couple of hours, and it makes a great gift.  We also show you how to get the burned or charred look that is becoming more and more popular.  All-in-all a pretty simple DIY, but one that yields fabulous results.

Here’s the candle’s we used in this video: 12-Hour Votive Candles

In case you need a 2” Forstner Bit, here is the one we used in the video: CMT 2″ Forstner Bit

Here’s a link to a MAPP Gas Torch (Propane works well also): Mag-Torch Self Lighting MAPP Torch

Lastly, here’s a link to the clear coat finishing spray: Painter’s Touch, Matte, Clear



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